I was born in Kranj, Slovenia in 1995. I finished a bachelor's degree in Graphic and Interactive communications at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Ljubljana. During the studies, I mainly photographed events connected to politics (such as protests) and arts (concerts and other cultural events). During that time I collaborated with institutions such as Cankarjev dom, Radio Študent, and Gorenjski Glas. I’m currently studying photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (BA).

My long-term projects are directed at issues within our society I find unjust. Next to that, they give voice to marginalized groups of people. I’m working with topics connected to memory, family, dementia and politics.

One of the main goals of my practice is to make people engage with the topics. I aim for them to rethink and reflect on these matters. I try to address the general public and expand the audience beyond the art world.

Within each project, I explore different perspectives conceptually but also materially. Photography enables me to work in a diverse way, for instance making use of archival images in combination with portraiture. This results in projects that address social issues from different perspectives by using multiple realities that we are living in. Each of my projects also addresses the medium of photography itself.
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Based in The Netherlands/Slovenia